The Second Life of Abigail Walker by Frances O’Roark Dowell

abigailAbigail Walker just doesn’t fit in. She says the wrong things. Her mom doesn’t pack her the right lunches. And she’s never going to weigh eighty-eight pounds, like the medium girls do. From their hair to their grades to their sizes, the other girls are medium, now matter how you slice it. Abby wants to be too. So no one is more surprised than she is when she takes a stand against a very mean, very medium remark.

But whether she meant to do it or not, she has crossed a line she won’t be able to cross back over. And while trying to avoid the now mean medium girls, Abby coaxed along by a mysterious dog and an even more mysterious fox, crosses over something else, a stream that she never knew existed. On the other side she discovers a family: Anders and his dad, Matt, who’s returned from the war in Iraq a shell of his former self. Anders wants her to to help put his dad back together again – which might just be what Abby needs too.


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