Denton Little’s Death Date by Lance Rubin

Imminent death has never been so funny….

Tomorrow is the day I’m going to die. I don’t mean to get all dramatic about it. I’ve known that tomorrow is the day I will die since I was born. Just like almost everyone else in the world knows the date when they will die, thanks to the group of doctors, scientists, statisticians, and astrologers who pioneered the field of AstroThanatoGenetics (ATG).

Is it still weird and anxiety-provoking that my deathdate is tomorrow? Hell to the yes. But do I need to get movie-preview-voice-over-guy intense about it? Probably not.denton

Well, um… If Denton Little knew what was in store for his last day – hangovers, love triangles, jealous exes, shotgun standoffs, and mysterious rashes – he probably wouldn’t be so calm. And did I mention that Denton’s deathdate is the same day as senior prom?

Oh yeah. Good times…



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