Freeks by Amanda Hocking

As darkness rises, will Gabe help Maria find the truth?

In the spring of 1987, the carnival comes to small-town Caudry, Louisiana. Then events tale a dangerous turn. For Mara Beznik, the carnival is home. It’s also a place of secrets, hidden powers and a buried past, making it hard to connect with freeks3outsiders. However sparks fly when she meets local boy Gabe Alvarado. As they become inseparable, Mara realizes that Gabe is hiding his own secrets – and that his family legacy could destroy Mara’s world.

They find the word ‘freeks’ sprayed on trailers,as carnival employees start disappearing. Then workers wind up dead, killed in disturbing ways by someone – or something. Mara is determined to unlock the mystery, with Gabe’s help. But can they really halt this campaign of fear?


Lydia Ko: Portrait of a teen golfing sensation by Michael Donaldson

lydiaLydia Ko’s ascendancy to the top of women’s golf has been stunning. The youngest woman to ever win a major, she swiftly went on to become the youngest player of the modern era to win two. The teenage No. 1 continues to amaze the world with her golfing feats and has cemented her dominance by almost never finishing far from the top of the leaderboard.

In Lydia Ko: Portrait of a teen golfing sensation, sports writer Michael Donaldson reflects on the unique influences that have shaped Lydia Ko’s game, from her move to New Zealand from Korea at the age of six, to her parents’ focused yet nurturing approach and the young Auckland coach who was instrumental in instilling in Ko a love of the game. Sports observers and those closest to Ko during her formative years share a personal insights and stories that unlock secrets of one of the world’s hottest young sports stars.


The Cruelty by Scott Bergstrom

At a certain point, you must decide what you really know to be true.

When her diplomat father is kidnapped, Gwendolyn seems to be the only one with the will and determination to find him. As she follows a trail across Europe’s criminal underworld, she must relinquish her crueltyschoolgirl identity and face a terrifying truth about herself.

To overcome the cruelty she encounters, she must also embrace it. What price will she pay to save her father?

Fly on the wall by e. lockhart

fly-on-the-wallAt a school where everyone is unique, Gretchen Yee feels ordinary. Even with her bright red hair, she is still the quiet girl who doesn’t talk to anyone at lunch.

Then there are the Art Rats, a group of popular boys. Funny. Sweet. Annoying. Confusing. Especially Titus. Titus is definitely on Gretchen’s radar, but she’s too scared to make the first move.

If only she could be a fly on the wall to find out what boys are really like.

This is a story about how one girl’s wish came true.

The midnight watch by David Dyer

Sometimes the smallest of human failings can lead to the greatest of disasters.

As the Titanic was sinking slowly in the wretchedly cold North Atlantic, she midnight-watchcould see the lights of another ship on the horizon. She called for help by Morse lamp and the new Marconi telegraph machine, but there was no response. Just after midnight the Titanic began firing distress rockets.

The other ship, the California, saw these rockets but didn’t come. Why not?

When the story of the disaster begins to emerge, it’s a question that Boston American reporter John Steadman cannot let go. As soon as he lays eyes on the Californian’s captain and and second officer, he knows a story lurks behind their version of events. So begins his strange journey towards the truth. Haunted by the fifteen hundred who went to their deaths in those icy waters, and the loss of his baby son years earlier, Steadman must either find redemption in the Titanic’s tragedy or lose himself.

Adele by Sean Smith

adele Adele touches the hearts millions who love her for her beautiful songs and her bawdy sense of humour.

Best selling biographer Sean Smith reveals there is far more to Adele than the superstar we all think we know. He follows her astonishing journey from the gritty streets of Tottenham to all-conquering fame in the UK and America…and to the personal happiness she has found in a new relationship an becoming a mum.

Adele is the intimate and inspirational story of the woman with the most glorious voice in the world.

Rugby skills, tactics & rules by John McKittrick & Tony Williams

Now in it’s 4th edition, Rugby Skills, tactics & rules is the perfect guide for players and coaches to the fundamental skills of rugby, helping you get the most out of playing, and winning.

Over 180 colour photos of today’s top players from around the world.

200 variations of challenging and useful drillsrugby-skills

Sections on the tactics, strategies and skills needed to win a game

Covers the basic skills of running, passing, catching and tackling

Includes specialized skills and set play: scrums, line outs, rucks and mauls, restarts and endings